Read our Quality Statement below.


Trecarn Engineering Ltd was founded in 1978 and is a leading supplier of engineering components, systems and assemblies, tube manipulation in metal and plastic. Our products are supplied to customers throughout the world with main markets in the UK and Europe. Recent introduction of the web shop also opens new world wide markets.

We are committed to providing the highest Quality products to our customers by:-

  • Producing and manufacturing products that are safe, reliable, efficient and cost effective during their life cycle which consistently meet or exceed customers’ needs and expectations;
  • Achieving on time delivery of conforming products and services;
  • Identifying and providing a framework for setting and reviewing quality objectives and targets for continually improving and enhancing internal and external customer satisfaction;
  • Providing suitable opportunities for consultation and communication with employees and representatives as appropriate and involving their contribution in the overall process of quality performances to foster the culture of continual improvement.
  • Meeting all the relevant quality requirements as a minimum and striving towards best practice standards.
  • Ensuring that Top Management and employees within Trecarn understand their responsibilities and that adequate and appropriate information, instruction and training is provided.
  • Monitoring, auditing and evaluating quality performances, taking into consideration risk and opportunities for continual improvement.

Trecarn believes that quality is the responsibility of each employee. Trecarn see staff as an investment, and emphasis on training acts as a testimony to our commitment in this area This dedication to excellence will ensure a viable and sustainable future for all of our stakeholders.

This policy will be reviewed annually as part of the Management Review process, to ensure its continued relevance and adequacy.

Date: 24th April 2020