Specialist Projects

Specialist Projects

Trecarn specialise in the manufacture, assembly and supply of bespoke assemblies and projects.

We provide a variety of different automotive and industrial engineering manufacturers in a variety of different materials, including metal, plastic and rubber or a combination of all three.

Most of our specialist projects follow a process similar to the one displayed below.

We have experience in fittings and assemblies for:

  • Fuel feed and return lines
  • Evaporative system pipes
  • Fuel system breather pipes
  • Vacuum brake pipes
  • Secondary air system pipes
  • SCR Adblue / Urea system pipes
  • EPDM and silicon hoses for cooling and turbos
  • Engine & transmission oil cooling hoses
  • Fuel filler hoses
  • Air receivers

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Our Process

1 Assess Requirements

The first stage is to assess your requirements. What is the problem and how can we solve it. We work flexibly and can visit your premises to develop our own brief or work from your Technical Specification.

2 Planning

This involves documenting our initial findings, writing a technical brief and estimating costings. Our engineering team will work with you to create a solution before signing off the CAD drawings.

More complicated projects may benefit from us managing the project, particularly if specialist bodies are involved.

3 Prototype

A prototype is produced and tested for suitability. Results are reported back to you and the prototyping process repeated until a satisfactory assembly is produced.

4 Production

Now we are ready to manufacture your custom assembly in any quantity and as frequently as needed.

We produce our own tooling and your assembly is put into production. We can even come and fit the assemblies on site, or train your staff if you would prefer.